About us

Property #1… A mid 19th century 1861 built house in Spruce Creek Pennsylvania. It is one of the first properties built in the Isett “The Mill” development. Spruce Creek offers a wide variety of outdoor activities located in the heart of Central Pennsylvania 18 miles south from University Park ( State College ). Come stay and relax in this remodeled 19th century home and enjoy your favorite activities including fishing, hiking and biking. Thank you in advance for your patronage.

Property two: Built in 2011 sitting on top of squirrel Hill in Spruce Creek PA. It is a smaller but cozy house with a lot of character. There are two decks, a wine bar, and a great kitchen.

Both properties have televisions and Wifi for your convenience!

We also have catering available from various sources. Famous pulled pork, chicken and ribs, And plenty of other great food for your stay! Just ask and we will accommodate!!

Whether it s a Penn State weekend or traveling from out of town to just a getaway to our great town of Spruce Creek. We are ready for you!